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    Feeding stuff works

    Wenglorz is the only firm in the Polish market which is able to build as a composite unity feeding stuff works from foundations through steel constructions ending with needed technological devices.

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    Steel constructions

    Wenglorz company specializes in designing production and installation steel construction suitable for feeding stuff works and other branches of industry. We have realized a lot of production towers...

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    Thanks to our varied technical background we perform services such as laser cutting, welding and grinding.

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    For many years, we have been a manufacturer and supplier of equipment for feed mills and allied industries./p>

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    We have qualified service teams that serve our customers with professional help. We are available in the area of the whole country and we do our best to reach our client as soon as possible.

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    In each project we share the values on which we build our company capital

    Company blog

    Children’s Day 30 May 2015 year

    Another family festivities on the occasion of the Children’s Day has just finished. On Saturday, 30 May the square of our company was again transformed into the Children’s Town. This year  our main goal was to integrate children with parents and their time spent together. Thus, among others, pizza baking workshops appeared and then kids and their parents learnt how to prepare a delicious pizza. Of course, at the end they ate it together. One more integrative fun was making costumes for children from available materials such as newspaper, tissue, string, foil. The parents’ fantasy was really amazing  -resulting in beautiful dresses for little princesses and robots’ costumes, all of these can be seen in our  photo section. Also Wenglorz employees whose children took part in SMYK fashion show had a hard task - the youngest participant of the show was only 1,5 years old and he completely didn’t understand what all the fuss on the stage was about! As usual we couldn’t miss educational activities for children. In the specially designed tent, scientific workshop was held. There the youngest learned how snow is created or how steam from dry ice is formed. From the stage, Zumba Latin rhythms and  the sounds of the Little Drummers band could be heard. At the very end of the show  a real surprise was prepared – capoeira display! Special volleyball games as well as sports competitions for our employees took place as the final part of our event. For the first time we had  Children’s Day partners, who sponsored  great prizes for children. We would like to thank very much Smyk and Trefl company – thanks to them huge smiles appeared on the faces of the winners! The countdown to next year event has just started. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nxJbk9Qtbk&feature=youtu.be

    Children’s Day 30 May 2015 year

    Latest blog entries

    • Enterpreneurship Day at Wenglorz 25.03.2015 r.

      In pursuing our assumptions of CSR, this year we have decided to take part in the Entrepreneurship Day, which takes place every year on March 25th. With logging on Youth Entrepreneurship Foundation, we have been a participant in the twelfth edition of the event. The Foundation is a non-governmental organization whose goal is to prepare children and youth for life in a market economy and to enable young people to gain knowledge and practical skills to facilitate the implementation of career plans. Entrepreneurship Day is a program aimed at high school students. It has been designed to help young people make good decisions concerning planning their further education and career path. We have been involved in this program as it means that students have the opportunity to: Verify their ideas of ​​an ideal profession in our company, Obtain information on education, skills and abilities necessary to perform the job, To be familiar with our company and the way it is managed. The headquarters of our company in Lidzbark had the pleasure to host the third grade students of Mechanical Engineering Technical School. Here is a photo account of this event.      

      date Added: 2015-04-09 07:04:47
    • Family festival 02.06.2014

      For one day we turned our premises into free playground full of attractions for all kids. Because we are fond of movement, there had to be sports and other interesting contests – one could win a reward! Younger children spent most time on huge inflatable slides and their faces were decorated with funny drawings. Also, older participants of the festival had attractions guaranteed. Bungee jumpings turned to be one of the bigest attractions. We finished our games in the late evening full of lovely feelings. We must repeat it in a year!

      date Added: 2014-06-02 17:13:54
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    Gala Wenglorz Fight Cup VI 26.09.2015 year

    After two years since the exciting V Gala Wenglorz Fight Cup was organised, it was time for another edition! On Saturday, September 26, 2015  the VI Gala Wenglorz Fight Cup took place. For the first time we invited fans of Martial Arts to the courtyard of Hotel Krasicki in Lidzbark where a special tent was put up. The fight card consisted of seven fights: in formulas MMA, K1, Muay Thai and Mauy Boran and our competitors came from Poland, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Ukraine, Lotvia, Belarus and Slovakia. In the most important fight of the evening on the basis of Mauy Boran, for the first time at the Gala Wenglorz Fight Cup we saw Arkadiusz Wełna and Muhamed Mahmits. Muay Boran is ancient Muay Thai, where competitors are not divided in terms of weight and instead of gloves there are hemp ropes, and the most important thing is “no grips banned”. Arkadiusz Wełna won the fight! One of the Gala stars was a titled competitor of  Polish Muay Thai - Aleksander Kruk professional double world champion and fourfold European champion. He fought with Maciej Dylik, who was defeated in the fourth round. In super fight K1 Stanisław Zaniewski BMAF champion and champion of the Baltic countries WFCA K1 appeared. His opponent was Vasyli Halych - the champion of Ukraine. Competitors fought until the end of the third round,  and Stanisław Zaniewski won as a result of unanimous decision of the umpires. In addition, the MMA fight gave us a huge dose of emotions. In single-elimination tournament in weight up to 90 kg competitors Adrejs Zozula (Lotwa) vs Michael Oleksiejczuk (Poland) and Michal Dobias (Slovakia) vs Lukasz Borowski (Poland) could be seen. The winner of MMA tournament in the first round, was Michael Oleksiejczuk who beat Michal Dobias. Congratulations to all the winners! In between fights the group X Ray from Warsaw performed. The Gala was led by Jacek Lenartowicz. Trailer  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fs0EEClpYG0   Gala Wenglorz Fight Cup VI https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-MCpFt1IvDc      

    Latest blog entries

    • Wenglorz Volley Lidzbark Warminski season 2014/2015

        In present season Wenglorz Volley Team for the fourth time in its history appeared in the gameplay III league. After seven months of fierce sports competition, players won the fifth place. Despite the fact that season was worse than the previous one, once again it provided huge feelings for both fans and players. Five out of ten matches played ended with five set duel. In the last part of the match with Wliczkiem Wilkowo ouer players won 19: 17. The result will remain in the memory of anyone who witnessed this event. This year the team has played several matches away for example in: Olsztyn, Wilczkowo, Rybno, Kamieniec oraz Ostróda. Home games, which tradittionaly attract about 200 viewers for each match Wenglorz Volley, diserve special attention. It is worth mentioning that the youngest players of team is 14 and the eldest one is 33 years old. Sixteen players mostly from Lidzbark but also from Lidzbark and Bartoszyce Commune took part in the gameplay. The final table: III Seniors Provincial League: season 2014/2015     Team  ranking Played Won   Lost Sets won/lost Points 1 KS CSD TiM Choroszcza Olsztyn 10 10 0 30 - 4 20 2 SMS MLKS Foto Ola Ostróda 10 6 4 19 - 14 16 3 CSIR Pałac Kamieniec 10 5 5 15 - 19 15 4 LKS Wilczek Wilkowo 10 4 6 18 - 22 14 5 Wenglorz-Volley Lidzbark Warm. 10 3 7 16 - 26 13 6 Omega Rybno 10 2 8 13 - 26 12   Individual scores of the matches website: http://wmzps.org/rozgrywki/seniorskie-m%C4%99%C5%BCczyzn/rozgrywki-seniorzy-2014-2015.html  

      date Added: 2015-05-12 09:14:56
    • Wenglorz FightCup V 07.12.2013

      The 5th edition of Wenglorz FightCup gala was held in Lidzbark Warmiński in one of the production room in our company. It was a real challange for us, but we like it, after all! So far not many organisers in the world have decided to make such events in such a scenery. Our satisfaction was even bigger when we could see crowds of overexcited people who gathered there. We took care of proper setting as well: the competitors were leaving their cloakrooms accompanied at the chosen pieces of music, in the lights of sun spots and mist fog which shaded their figures a little. For the first time, the representatives fought in cup system in MMA and K1 formula. That evening we all witnessed excellent duels from the first until last round. In MMA formula the first fight was won by Jędrzej Maćkowiak who beat the Slovakian competitor Erik Kunzo. The most awated fight of the evening “Extra Fight” was the meeting of the two fighters: Stanisław Zaniewski and Arkadiusz Mruk. After the whole five rounds Zaniewski turned to be the better one. Our competitors, as usuall, provided high sports level to the guests. We looked after the level of organisation [embed]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OjO6tqERiTU&feature=youtu.be[/embed] [embed]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ArRKvdH8fbM[/embed]

      date Added: 2013-12-07 16:59:55
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    In each project we share the values on which we build our company capital